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Wachhunde Bulldogs





Hi there!
My name is Peter Cho.  I am a medical consultant by profession and I live in Burnaby, a suburb of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
American Bulldogs have become a serious hobby and so has the field of Protection Sports.
I have had dogs all my life, from Pit Bull Terriers to Jack Russel Terriers.  I love dogs!!!!
My interest in the American Bulldog was peaked when I wanted a new dog for my home.  This is one breed, where bigger definitely does not mean better. 
Since I wanted to actually work my dogs, not just say, I work my dogs, I needed a more athletic dog.  That is how I found TAZ, a hybrid, my first AB.
Soon after getting Taz, I started visiting the local schutzhund clubs and the local ring clubs.  I quickly fell in love with the sport of French Ring.  I am now a decoy for my club, the Pacific Ring Dawgs, a club truly dedicated to developing working dogs. 
I am also a member of the Canadian Ring Association.
I am not a breeder, nor do I aspire to be a breeder.  I do not have puppies.  However, if you are serious about working quality dogs, I can direct you to REAL working dog breeders/trainers.  Trust me.  There are VERY VERY FEW!
My dogs are my buddies, but they are working dogs first.   Perhaps, that is why I neve take them for granted.  Their care is of utmost importance to me.  Their performance and development are crutial.
This is not a breed for the "macho" types.  They definitely need to be worked differently than a shepard or a belgian malinois. 
With correct training and imprinting, the performance American Bulldog, has a lot to offer a working enthusianst.  Their power is unmatchable.  Their love of kids is really remarkable!  They are quiet and clean.  They are calm in the house but freaks on the training field.  However, they are not for everyone.  They are extremely stubborn and strong willed.  Obedience training and regular exercise is a must!  If you cannot exercise it, do not get it!
Not all bulldogs are created equal.     Ask the breeder to prove what he/she says.
Safe Training!
Peter Cho
Pacific Ring Dawgs